My Side of the Bed

On the outside, I remained poised and collected.

Within, I searched for answers . . .

About Margherita Gale Harris

Margherita Gale Harris graduated from The University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in psychology. She then attended the University of California San Francisco Medical Center where she received her B.S. in Nursing, with Public Health emphasis. Later, Gale entered the graduate school at Case Western Reserve University and received her M.S. in Psychiatric Nursing with a minor in Teaching. While working for Planned Parenthood, she completed a three-year training program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. After retuning to California, she received her Master’s in Public Health from UC Berkeley.

Gale has worked in state-run mental health hospitals, private and public hospitals, non-profit outpatient clinics and schools. She has also worked with an array of community programs such as Suicide Prevention, Parents Under Stress and Women in Recovery. Gale needed all of her skills when she confronted the denial and loss that resulted from her husband’s betrayal and her panic disorder, two core issues she addressed in her memoir, My Side of the Bed.

Gale is a mother of three and grandmother of six. She happily remarried in 2007. She pursues her love of color, design and nature, and creativity as a weaver and photographer.

About The Book

My Side of the Bed

Betrayed by her husband. Abandoned by her religion. Saved by her family and a long-lost daughter given up for adoption decades earlier. My Side of the Bed: A Memoir of Loss and Transformation details the life of Margherita Gale Harris, who chronicles the horrors of being trapped in the dangerous hidden world of a closeted gay husband, whose life as a respected doctor and religious leader unravels as a result of his addiction to sex. Buried in the ashes of her marriage and a lifetime of denial, she must find something to hold onto before she succumbs to the depths of her own anxiety and depression.