I sat down at my desk and stared at the blank white screen in front of me. Blog, blog, blog runs constantly through my head.

I’ve been told to blog….that’s a nice idea…but how to proceed…

Even a frog
Knows how to blog.

How, I reply. About what, I ask.
There’s a whole world out there…
It’s a terrible task.

“”Blog you must,” the voices cheer again…“You have to drive them to your site,,,You must have a presence on the Internet.”

I look down at my dear Corgi and say , “Mia dear, you must cease running around the porch looking for chipmunks.

You must blog, my dear dog, you must blog.
Even a frog knows how to blog
You must herd people to our site.”

“Really,” she says, “I don’t blog, I herd sheep!”

” No sheep here,” I reply. “I am trying to become a blogger. You too must become a blogger!”

She looks up at me, her non-Corgi tale wiggling with excitement. “Blog, Blog” she barks.

I lean down and stroke her head. She looks up at me with her big brown Corgi eyes.

Sadly I confess, “I don’t know how to bark or how to blog either…whatever will I do?”

“Try woofing, “ she barks.

So for those of you who have come to my site, I thank you in advance.  Mia and i will give it our best shot.

I hope you’ll enjoy and find interesting what we come up with.